Hi people (or if you are not a person)

This website is for wolf lovers(or want to be lovers) only no hunters allowed
I hope all you wolf lovers like the site and most important........SAVE THE WOLF!



 This site is here to let all you wolf lovers have fun, enjoy cool wolf things, and encourage you to help wolves(you can donate on certain links on here). For all the people who are not wolf lovers, this is to get you to be a wolf lover and learn a little about wolves. It is also for laughs and smiles for all.



Wolves might seem scary, threatening, or a "monster" of some sort. None of this is true.Wolves are actually like people in many ways. They travel in a pack, we have families. They howl, bark, and growl, we talk with words and sign language.They live, love, and breath. We live, love, and breathe. Still, for some odd reason we KILL THEM.People kill them brutally and meanly. They shoot them sometimes on foot or in car but they sometimes get in low flying planes and shoot the wolf in winter where they have no escape and are easily seen. They fall and bleed and they cant do anything about it. Why do they do it you ask? For the "joy", sport,because they "need the fur or meat"(they could simply go to a supermarket or something else. Get a coat not kill a wolf!),because they see wolves as a threat, or because they don't want them there and/or eating there cattle and farm animals. The wolves don't know any better then to eat the meat. It is what they HAVE to do to live and survive. If you are wondering why YOU should help the wolf I have your answer. In fact, I have a LIST!:):)

.If the wolf dies out you can watch the food chain fall apart

.No more cute wolf puppies or wolves running beautifully on land

.Do you want innocent animals to die?

.We can learn things from wolves like how to work together(pack). We cant if there dead.

.If you have a dog I think you should know wolves are related to wolves(they even look like husky's!) so if your DOG was being killed would you do nothing about it?


. and more:):)


Lots of people like to make excuses about how they have to kill wolves. They DO NOT HAVE TO!One excuse is that the wolf is to overpopulated. NO ANIMAL IS OVERPOPULATED!We(people) just take too much land up and came a bunch of animals into a little spot of land and call it "overpopulated!"We call it overpopulated because there are too many animals in the tiny space but in fact, it is our(the people's) fault for cramming them there! Another excuse is that the wolf is killing the farm animals. This is true in some cases but, however that is not their fault and is NOT a reason to kill them! The wolves are hungry so they see meat or what there instinct tells them to eat. So, they kill and eat the animal without knowing any better. Plus guess what people who think that is a reason to kill wolves. LOTS OF PEOPLE EAT COWS AND MEAT TOO(not me though). AT LEAST THE WOLF MAKES IT FAST, HOW WE KILL ARE MEAT IS MUCH WORSE! There are so many excuses of why people should kill wolves. In return there is a reason why each excuse is wrong, stupid, and CAN be solved differently then killing a HELPLESS wolf.



Wolves have a horrible reputation towards people. Lots of it comes from made up stories such as The Boy who Cried Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. In real life wolves do not blow down houses or eat little boys. They might eat pigs but don't know any better(for more about that topic look under excuses section). They will not harm a person unless you are trying to hurt them or threatening them in some way(plus if you are trying to hurt them or threaten them, no offense but you kinda deserve it). Wolves are also known as "monsters" who are blood thirsty killers. Ya right cause in the pictures on this site that puppy and the wolf kissing the 16 year old boy are scary and sending shivers up my spine. I am being sarcastic by the way if you did not notice:):).


A wolf pack has four main category's/ranks.Here is there order:


.Alphas- the Alpha male and female are the leaders and in charge of the pack

.Betas-the alphas second hand man (or wolf in this case). Takes charge when Alpha is not around.

.Subordinates- Have normal jobs such as pup-sitting, hunting,etc.

.Omega-the lowest rank who is constantly picked on and eats last(kinda like little siblings besides the eating part)








(more to come)what could be next?